Which method is best suited?

BA Drilling and Blasting offers many types of blasting services to our clients. Here we would like to demystify the types of blasting that is available by shortly listing and discussing each blasting type (civil, bulk, trench blasting etc.) and its application in your environment.

BA Drilling and Blasting offers bulk blasting for the Mining and Quarrying industry as well as the Civil industry. In the mining industry bulk blasting may also mean cast blasting which literary means to throw. Cast blasting is popular in coal mines where the need exists to blast large amounts of overburden and coal. Cast blasting operations aims to achieve the optimum fragmentation of the blasted product that will be easily hauled and crushed to the final desired product. BA Drilling and Blasting makes use of tried and tested blast calculations to achieve this.

BA Drilling and Blasting is also involved in quarry blasting such as dimension stone quarries. Bulk blasting requirements in quarry operations often require the removal of large amount of rock and rubble in order to expose a solid rock formation which is suitable for the dimension stone industry. These rock formations are mechanically cut into large blocks of stone before they are further processed and polished. BA Drilling and Blasting may have been part of the process that gave you your beautiful kitchen top!

BA Drilling and Blasting is also typically found in the Civil engineering & Construction industry. The aim of bulk blasting in the civil industry is mainly to remove large quantities of rock for the purpose of preparing or leveling a construction site and not to expose a mineral or rock formation.

Unlike mine or quarry blasting, civil blasting is not done for the sole purpose of mining or exposing a product but it is for the sole purpose of breaking, removing, excavating or demolishing rock and concrete of various sizes and amounts. Civil blasting requires a different license to mine licenses. The challenge in civil blasting is that more accuracy is required since many civil operations are in or close to public infrastructure. As a blasting company, BA Drilling and Blasting specialises in this type of blasting and enjoys the fact that no one blast is ever the same.

One of the most common requirements for civil blasting companies is for the purpose of hard rock excavation through trench blasting. Trenches are usually dug to insert infrastructure such as reticulation systems, electricity etc. BA Drilling and Blasting has developed unique trench drilling and blasting methodologies and techniques to ensure that the correct level is maintained while safely and quickly blasting away rock.

BA Drilling and Blasting is often required to conduct box cutting in order to blast out specific sizes and depths of rock for the purpose of excavating hard rock to prepare the construction of sumps, dams or reservoirs. As with the case of most reticulation blasting projects, BA Drilling and Blasting as a responsible blasting company must take special care not to use the incorrect explosive which may negatively affect the environment and water safety.

With the current infrastructure growth seen in Africa, BA Drilling and Blasting has been involved in many road construction projects. Often blasting is required for the planned road to maintain a certain level or to excavate hard rock under the planned road surface thus ensuring better road preparation. The most challenging aspect of road cutting for any blasting company is blasting through slopes, hills or large rock formations. Mining believes the trick here lies with the choice of perfect drilling leaving symmetrical drill lines in the completed face or for the more natural look where there are very few drill line visible only rugged rock formations.

South Africa has the most developed road infrastructure in Africa, thus there is a constant need to cross roads when laying storm water, industrial liquids or related pipes. The cheapest and least disruptive method is to tunnel underneath the road, river, railway or building. Blasting rock in such a tunnel requires special drilling and blasting patterns in order not to disrupt the infrastructure overhead. BA Drilling and Blasting as a blasting company has experienced tunnelers which will deliver a safe and precise blast.

Due to various concerns such as nearby infrastructure, sensitive environmental areas, legislation etc blasting companies are increasingly required to break rock without using explosives. BA Drilling and Blasting has tried and tested various methods and found that chemical rock breaking and non-explosive cartridge blasting has the desired results.

Due to the speed and efficiency of explosive products today civil blasting have many additional applications such as furnace carbon clearance, concrete demolition inside a truck, breaking safes etc. You are welcome to contact BA Drilling and Blasting for these requirements.

Thanks to documentaries and press coverage over the years, building demolition is perceived as civil blasting: Building demolition is the use of explosives to destroy a man made structure with accuracy and safety. Demolitions require careful planning and preparation work in order to implode the building safely. A big part of demolition is also the preparation of cutting charges that will cut through concrete and steel when blasted. BA Drilling and Blasting is one of the few blasting companies who has the specialised skill end experience to conduct building demolition.

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