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BA Drilling and Blasting is a proudly Namibian company with an infinite quest to deliver professional Blasting, Drilling and Demolition services to the exact specification and expectations to you, our client. Since no single customer or project is ever the same, we have skills in various Blasting & Drilling techniques, methods and products, all ensuring that the job gets done in line with the customer specifications.


  • Rock Breaking and Blasting to prepare construction sites
  • Rock Breaking and Blasting for trenches, dams, swimming pools and foundations
  • Blasting for road cutting and tunneling
  • Bulk Blasting
  • Blasting of mine overburden, overhangs and top-soil
  • Open Cast blast-hole drilling and blasting
  • Secondary Rock Breaking and Blasting
  • Precision Blasting in environmentally sensitive or populated areas
  • Non explosive Rock Breaking and Demolition
  • Drilling of blast holes, providing our clients with mobile drilling teams
  • Explosive or non-explosive blasting and mechanical demolition of concrete and other man made structures

If you aren’t sure which service is right for your requirements or you are outside South Africa, you are welcome to contact us in order for us to see how we can add value to your clients project.