Why Rock Breaking and Surface Blasting & Drilling?


  • Improved Production

    In the case of a quarry, large rocks from the primary blasting may not be movable by conventional equipment or crushed. By doing secondary blasting these potential aggregate sources are freed up and brought into production.

  • Environmental and Licensing Concerns

    Certain mines and quarries do not produce their product from conventional blasting but through machining. Usually these sites are allowed to extract their product in a larger area. By using non-explosives for Secondary Rock breaking it will not affect your mining license specifications since non-explosives are mere chemicals that react very quickly discharging high volumes of harmless gas and doesn’t detonate.

  • Change is Good

    BA Drilling and Blasting has a proud Bulk Blasting and Cast Blasting record, our experienced team will achieve the optimum result. Our results and pricing will compliment your operational budget. Give us a try!

  • Convenience

    By using BA Drilling and Blasting, the time and effort of the establishment, expansion or clearing of a mine or pit could be decreased since you do not need to worry about micro managing clearing or secondary blasting operations, and can focus on production of your mineral or aggregate.


BA Drilling and Blasting will offer a tailor made package in line with the client specifications to break or move rock and soil which would otherwise have been physically impossible, time consuming or too costly to do by mechanical means.

Cost Effective

BA Drilling and Blasting will supply you with quote for the entire job inclusive of all agreed upon labor, equipment and consumables such as drilling and explosives, also the removal of soil / rock following the blasting and drilling if so required.


BA Drilling and Blasting has an outstanding safety record and will continue to limit the risk towards humans, the environment and equipment by using approved scientific blast calculations, the right product for the specific job (therefore we cannot promote any single company or product) and by complying with national and client specific safety requirements.

Low Impact

By using preventative controls in high explosive detonations or by using non- explosive cartridges, surrounding operations can still safely take place in fairly close proximity (depending upon the area and method used) to the blasting operations.


By using highly mobile yet accurate drilling teams and drill rigs, hard to reach areas can be easily accessed, drilled and blasted.

Drilling Accuracy

By using accurate drilling rigs and skilled drilling teams the drilling of blast or split holes consistent, which will greatly influence the optimum blasting result.